Bert SealeBesides being acknowledged as one of the best golf instructors in the world, Bert Seale has turned to writing and editing to expand his reach and create more great golfers. He is in the process of editing a book on golf instruction in advance of publishing. In addition to developing a sports website for amateurs called FOOSC, Bert Seale has set up an online coaching platform with an associated app, called WebSwings, which can be found at

Bert Seale doesn’t believe it is enough to have developed a complete and effective technique; it is necessary to spread that technique far and wide. That is why he established the Seale School for Golf. The program at the Seale School includes several days of workshops and three full months of hands-on student contact. They want you to succeed, which is why they conduct an audit and evaluation on each student on the first day. This analysis was developed by Bert Seale and is used to establish the current skill level of the student and discover is the techniques used by the individual are effective. To evaluate these students, the Seale School uses a mental chart analysis, background overview, pre-tournament sequences and identification of the various motivational factors.

With his vaunted “closed-eye technique,” Bert Seale has developed a complete and proven technique that has thus far helped thousands of golfers all over the world play better and have a lot more fun. That is why he started the Seale Golf School. He wants everyone to have as much fun as possible playing golf and the best way to do that is to make sure they can play their best game.